Secondary Electro-technical and Energy School Sokolnice

The Secondary Electro-technical and Energy School Sokolnice is a school of a comprehensive type providing secondary education of students in traditional, modern and prospective fields of study in the area of energy, electro-technics and information technologies.

It secures theoretical, practical as well as out-of-school education of students in classrooms equipped with modern technology, in specialised workshops and in laboratories. The school is highly specialised. The obtained knowledge allow the students to find jobs in various companies or to act as self-employed. The school graduates do not belong among unemployed, on the contrary, many of them find their job already during their study because the school is closely linked with the business area.

More information about the school can be found at:

Střední škola elektrotechnická a energetická Sokolnice Project contact person
Bellova 54/a Ing. Alena Galanová
837 63 Bratislava +421 2 5477 6774
Slovak Republic