About the project

Project EDES – Enhancing the dual education system in small and medium size enterprises – is supported from the Lifelong learning programmes Erasmus+ in 2015 under the number 2015-1-SK01-KA202-008890.

The project duration is 30 months, since September 2015 till the end of February 2018. The lead project partner is EkoFond, the non-investment fund created by SPP, project partners are: Střední škola elektrotechnická a energetická Sokolnice (Secondary Electro-technical and Energy School), Czech Republic, Štátny inštitút odborného vzdelávania (State Institute for Vocational Education), Slovakia, ECODESIGN company from Austria and Regional Chamber of Economy in the South Moravian District, name of which changed at the end of the project to Inovační a podnikatelská platform, spolek, Czech Republic.

The project tries to bridge the mismatch between the fundamental and cross-cutting skills, to propose measures in order to improve the quality of the institutions involved in the dual education and to create a methodology and training course for instructors who are or will prepare students for their future professions, as well to update six textbooks for the electrical engineering and energy fields.

Three intellectual outputs will be prepared by the project

  • The first intellectual output (O1) is the concept of development of the dual system for small and medium-sized enterprises in the electrical engineering and energy fields. Methodology of the output consists of qualitative and quantitative surveys (questionnaires and personal interviews) among small and medium businesses, employers, professional associations from the electrical and energy industry in Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic. The aim is to identify, quantify and analyse the costs and benefits of training students inside of the company, to describe various possible evaluation and assessment systems of pupils involved in the dual system, and how to apply them in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
  • The second output (O2) consists of updating of the six workbooks in terms of their content and form, and their distribution to the vocational schools in the form of e-books.
  • The third output (O3) is to design and test methodology for the training of trainers and prepare materials for the accreditation of training course for instructors in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. Well trained instructors are also one of the cornerstones of an effective functioning of VET.

The project target groups are primarily small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the energy and electrical engineering fields from the network of project partner institutions, the professional associations of electro - energy sector and secondary vocational technical schools, which together play a critical role in the effective functioning of the dual system.

The main project activities

  • Project reports – interim, final including financial reports
  • Project documents – plan for implementation of the project and quality assurance, monitoring and assessment plan, plan for utilisation of the project outputs
  • Project promotion – web site, leaflet, press releases, final conference, direct mailing, leaflet about the project outputs
  • project team meetings, minutes from the project team meetings, participation in other conferences and seminars
  • development of the outputs O1, O2 a O3