The final conference of the project EDES was held on 7 February 2018 in the premises of the Congress Hall in the company SPP, Mlynske Nivy 44, Bratislava. Representatives of the employers, in particular small and medium size enterprises, of secondary vocational schools from the whole Slovakia, representative of the state administration and the donor, the National Agency for lifelong learning, as well as all project partners participated in the conference.

The project EDES addressed the dual education in small and medium enterprises in the field of electrical engineering and energy. In the framework of the project, a concept for development of the dual education system, methodology for training of instructors in companies including work sheets and 6 textbooks for secondary vocational schools were developed. Individual project partners from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria presented these project outputs at the conference.Lectures of experts in this field, one of the authors of the vocational education reform, Mr. Vantuch, as well as the representative of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports SR, Mr. Priesol, also addressed this topic. During the conference, the European physician, Mr. Benuska from the secondary grammar school of V.P.Toth in Martin presented some physical experiments which attracted the audience. In his experiments he pointed out that also the theoretical educational subjects taught in schools can be supplemented by practical experiments so that the taught topics are described to the pupils and students through experience.


All lectures from the conference